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  • Advice on TS 2412

    Last night while cruising the tool crib at HD I noticed they had a 2412 that had been returned because of no motor. It was in the discount bin and had a motor. Price was cut to $366. I've previously narrowed my choices to the 2400 or the 2424 and switch back and forth depending on which priorities in a saw I want first. Now this 2412 is a pretty good price point and I'm interested. Questions: Is this a pretty good price? Can a 2412 be mounted on a Work 'n Haul it? Beyond the basic differences between the 2412 and 2424 (voltage, fence, wings) anything else that may cause a sour deal?
    Generally, I think I can live with this saw as a learner for the next several years so I know what I want in a cabinet saw if I build a real shop. For now, this saw would be used for craft and home improvement type projects. Am I off-base or is this a pretty good choice?

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    The main differences between the TS2424 and the 2412 are the extensions (cast iron vs stamped steel), the castor platform and the motor (2424 motor is dual voltage). Other minor differences include the blade and the micro-adjust trunions that are included with the 2424.

    The 2412 cannot be mounted to the Work-N-Haul It, but the Herc-U-Lift castor system can be mounted to that saw to allow mobility.



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      Thanks. The real driver in my decision was the W'n Haul It. When looking last night without taking measurements it appeared that by taking the legs off, and mounting the saw base to a plywood base then mounting to the W'n Haul It that it might work size wise (I still hadn't thought thru dust collection), but I acquiesce to your knowledge. My requirement is for more mobility than the Herc-U-Lift.


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        "minor differences"..."the micro-adjust trunions"

        Jake, you are selling a wonderful addition to the machine short. Go listen to 20 or so woodworkers complain, who have just adjusted their tablesaws by the time-honored "beat it with a stick" method, then call micro-adjust trunions minor.



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          Even if you mount one of the cast-iron table saws onto the work-n-haul it, you will not be able to fit though a standard door without taking the motor off each time. Just to let you know.