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    Is the TS2424 as good as a Delta or Powermatic?
    I figure I'll probably only buy one saw and I want one I'll be happy with.
    The saleman at Woodcraft told me to consider price over the life time of the saw and when you do spending a few extra bucks can be justified.
    However I like the idea of left tilt and unless I go to Cabinet saw or Powermatic I loose that. Both options are cost more would I be wise to consider them?
    Does anyone wish they had bought something better like a Unisaw or whatever?

    Thanks for your help
    Rev Ed

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    This saw that saw it can be a very subjective discussion. Am I happy with my TS2424? Absolutely! Could I have gotten a different saw? Yes. I went with the Ridgid because of the warranty, ease of mobility (Herc-u-Lift), and overall quality. The 24" rip capacity is not a huge deal for me, if I have a larger piece I just size it with a circular saw then take to the table saw. Ridgid offers an auxilary fence system to expand rip capacity to 36" or you can slide the rails that come with the saw over to the right. Biesemeyer makes an aftermarket fence for Ridgid now as well. They have three models in the Home Shop fence in 28",40", and 52".


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      If you are setting up a cabinet shop, by all means get the 5 hp, $2,000 Powermatic 66A.

      If you want $1,400 to acquire a jointer, planer, band saw, router(s), miter saw, hand tools, etc, get the TS2424. I can cut as accurately with my 2424 as anyone can with a magabuck piece of equipment. But, of course I'm not running it 6 hrs a day non-stop. If I were, I'd go the Powermatic route. I've got over $9,000 invested in equipment, and the 2424 is my centerpiece.

      See your other post for my reply re your query.

      rotsa ruck & bee safe

      Rodney J in TX


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        Agree as to advantages of left tilt---think you'll find it in the Delta Contractor's saws. Rigid is as good as any comparable saw, with cast iron wings and an OEM fence. The next step up is one where you get an upgrade on the fence, at the time of purchase. Delta does this and I beleived Jet is now offering an upgrade.

        While the fence, on the 2424, is greatly improved over old models, still it's not as good as the aftermarket fences. Nothing you can't learn to use and adjust---just a bit more time consuming to learn---So choice is up to you.


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          Let me add my 2 cents worth. I have had a TS2424 now for I think about 3 years and change. I did not choose Ridgid. It was gift, totally out of the blue, no say in the matter on my part. The only known factor was that I wanted a saw (I had a little tabletop model). When the saw arrived I was excited but could'nt help thinking "It's not a Delta or General or XYZ I don't know about this". I was excited and sort of disappointed at the same time. Anyway to cut a long story short. I opened the box and firstly was very pleasantly surprised with the way it was packed and the way the parts were labelled etc. The instructions were very clear and precise. So my first experience was very good. Then I tuned it up and started using it and was so impressed by the quality and many other things that since then if I need another tool I look first at Ridgid to see what they have. I now own quite a few Ridgid tools. The warranty is excellent, the after service if you have to contact them is first rate. And on top of it all you get all the help you could possibly need on this forum which they monitor all the time. They really care.

          I am totally sold on Ridgid but not blind to the fact there are other products out there that I should look at, and do. But the TS2424 for a contractors saw is second to none in my opinion.

          Cheers Ivor in Calgary


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            I have the 2412 and I am very happy with it. If I had to do it over I would spend the extra $ and get the 2424 for the cast iron wings. I have given the thought to up grading the presed steel to the cast iron which can be done. Other than that the 2412 has done EVERYTHING that I have put to it. Making the ship lap siding, rip cut x 2, rabbit w/dado I have really worked this unit. I have given the thought of another fence but at this tine I really can't complain about the one that came with the unit.Advise get the 2424 and enjoy.


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              Just to throw something else in. I have never used the Ridgid saw, instead I have the Jet 10" contractors saw with the standard fence. I love my Jet and it has an extra 6" of fence over the Ridgid. For me, going down to a 24" fence would be a big issue. The jet doesn't do left tilt, but for me that isn't an issue. I would love to get an extension for mine, but space and money just won't allow for that right now. I researched a good bit on other boards before purchasing and I definitely don't regret my decision.



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                I also have the 2412 and I am curious as to why the 2424's cast extensions are more favored than the 2412's stamped steel.


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                  I also have the 2424. One advantage of the iron wings over the steel is that the iron wings are heavier and makes the saw more stable. I have have mine for about a year now and am very pleased. I also have the Ridgid Planer - another win in my book. Dave


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                    I love my 2412 and I'm actually considering the 36/12 fence upgrade for it. The question is, would I be better served to pay more (basically double) for the 24/40 Ridgid kit from Biesemeyer? Other than the obvious of having a bigger fence system and a more accurate fence system (although the new fence design has improved for Ridgid). Are these things worth the extra money?


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                      Rev Ed,

                      I have the Delta Limited Edition table saw and have never used a Ridgid table saw. I do own some Ridgid products that I'm very happy with, but the Ridgid table saw is not one of them.

                      I believe if you ask this question on Ridgid's forum the responses you are going to get will be biased. I suggest you go to one of the woodworking forums rather than a manufacturer's forum and search the archives or ask on the forum.

                      Following are some sites you might try:




                      Bob R