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  • MSUV other uses

    Has anyone used the MSUV for anything other than it's intended use? I was considering putting a planer on it. The book puts limit at 100#s for tool and 200# limit with workpiece. With the current deal of $99 it might make sense. Probably not worth dedicated use unless you use a planer a lot. It still takes up quite a bit of shop space folded up.

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    I was thinking of putting a hollow chisel morticer on one. Or making a plate to be interchangeable with the MS, ect. I do not yet have a MSUV, but have been thinking about it.


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      It does make the mind race. With the rather large table area one could make up a couple of rabbetted slides or 1x2 with 1x3 on top with knob lockdowns and have plywood bases for many tools. I can see planer, cms, dedicated mortiser, belt/disc sander, and lots more. You can put holes in the ply to hang them on the wall when not in use or a vertical rack that they can slide into.


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        I would think almost any use where it's an advantage to have outboard wood support. Might be a bit low, but maybe a benchtop drillpress. It's sure a nice unit----I'm sorely tempted. My only hesitation is that I've already bought extension rails for a CMS, at a past woodworking show, which I don't think would work well with the stand. Of course, if anyone can figure out a way-----let me know and I'll know what to do with some of my tax refund.


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          You won't need the extension with the MS-UV, it has its own extendable supports for left/right cuts with a much greater range than what might be available for any SCMS or CMS as a base extension. I had extensions on my DW-708 and they now gather dust, am thinking of using the parts in a jig or just hang onto them for some future use I can't visualize right now.

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