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  • Accessories

    I just purchased a 3660 table saw and am interested in seeing what accessories are sold for this. Is there a product catalog available?


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    Re: Accessories

    You should have received an "Accesories" sheet in with your saw's manual. It's probably outdated, as the last one that I received with the purchase of my planer last falll, appears to be identical to one I got several years ago. There is the 2007 "virtual" catalog, found here, but I don't think it shows much in the way of accessories.

    While there may not be much under the "Ridgid" brand name, a 10" table saw is pretty universal, with accessories falling into the categories of better quality and variety of blades, dado sets, etc.

    Dust collection is a highly sought addition to any shop saw, and there is a variety of units on the market from several sources.

    Check or search through the various forum headings, especially the "Tips" and you'll find some good stuff. An awful lot of saw owners build many of the accessories they need and if your check you're library or local book store you find some great suggestions in most "Table Saw" books.

    Enjoy your new saw,



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      Re: Accessories

      The manual only showed a couple of things, no sheet. Being new to this, I thought that since the fence and miter gauge had special slots or grooves in them that maybe Ridgid made some special attachments. Looks like everyone makes their own.

      Thanks for your help!


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        Re: Accessories

        some of those slots are for featherboards, and most of them are universal or having fittings to make 'em work. Woodcraft has some cool stuff that will work with your new TS.
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          Re: Accessories

          The above are just a few places that sell accessories for woodworking.
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