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Planer Roller Replacement?

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  • Planer Roller Replacement?

    Recently while feeding a board through my planer, I've noticed that the wood just stops moving, or seems to get stuck. I'd give it a nudge and it would continue moving just fine. Lately, it has gotten so bad that it takes a lot of hard pushing just to feed the board through. I am not planing excessively wide or thick boards, nor am I taking off more than around 1/16th of an inch at a time. My first thought was that the rollers weren't turning at all, so I turned on the planer and checked (without feeding wood through) and they seem to be turning fine. Has anyone else had this problem???

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    There was a thread at the BT3 site recently about this. The symptons you described pretty much parallel what was talked about in that thread. Take a look.
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      Thanks for the tip.. It makes a lot of sense. Right after I posted my original question, I remembered that I planed a lot of glued up curly & birdseye maple panels. Due to the figure, I used a damp rag to help minimize tearout.. I suppose I have the rollers and blades for that matter pretty gunked up with glue and wood.

      In your opinion, is it better to remove the rollers to clean them or clean them while still in the machine?

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        I don't have this planer but I would think it would be a whole lot easier to clean them in place. It may take some time but its got to be better than tearing the machine apart.
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          Extremely dull blades will also give the impression that something has malfunctioned in the drive mechanism.



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            You can try paste wax or Bostik Top Coat on the platten to make the wood glide over it easier. I clean my rollers with scotchbrite doaked in alcohol attached to a stick (watch you fingers).
            If the rolls are still burnished and slippery I use rubber renue
            rubber renue


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              I clean my planer rollers with a towel and a lot of alcohol. The best way for me is to raise the motor all the way up, reach under with my hand and spin the rubber belt by hand to rotate the feed rollers. Obviously the rollers will rotate slowly and it takes time. I have tried spinning the blade spinner but I get a better grip on the drive belt.

              I have taken the rollers out before. It is not hard but it's not enjoyable.