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  • To buy or not to buy

    Hello Ridgid tool owners. I am leaning towards purchasing a TS3650, but I have some reservations about a few things. First, is customer service really that bad? I have scoured woodworking forums around the net and have read many good and many bad things about the Delta and Jet CS as well. How does Ridgid's CS stack up? Second, I have read a few posts here about excessive blade arbor runout on the ts3650. Is this a quality control problem or the exception to the rule? Third, how well does the 13 amp motor prform? Does it get bogged down easily or run like a champ? I am also considering the Delta 36-444 and the JET JWTS-10JF, but I am having a hard time deciding which one. I guess I am looking for reassurance that Ridgid isn't the "Craftsman" of Home Depot. Any thoughts about these issues?