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TS3660 Fence Problem

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  • TS3660 Fence Problem

    Hey everyone!

    I purchased a TS3660 a couple weeks ago and spent some time with a dial indicator and PALS getting the blade aligned to the miter slots. I then aligned the fence to the blade.

    Well... I'm still seeing bad burning and the wood appears to be hitting the teeth at the back of the blade.

    I double checked the blade to miter slot alignment and it's spot on.

    I then checked the fence and it looked good until I moved it to the other side of the blade and rechecked. It was off by over 0.02".

    The weird thing is that the measurements are consistent. By that I mean the measurement is the same every time I check the fence when it's next to the right hand miter slot. And it's the same every time I check it next to the left hand miter slot.

    So I'm thinking maybe my rails are bent, causing the fence squareness to vary over the length of the rails.

    When I installed the fence rails, I didn't think I needed to install any shims, as there didn't appear to be any gaps. But I'm starting to think this is the root of the problem.

    So before I go messing with the fence rails, I thought I'd see if anyone has any other advice.



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    Re: TS3660 Fence Problem

    "Well... I'm still seeing bad burning and the wood appears to be hitting the teeth at the back of the blade."

    Have you checked the alignment of the splitter? It sounds to me like that could be where your problem is.
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      Re: TS3660 Fence Problem

      I took the splitter/guard off because the stock was getting caught on it. As soon as I get this fence thing taken care of I'm going to get the splitter aligned properly and reinstall it.