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Self Tapping Screws for 70 yr old Yellow Pine

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  • Self Tapping Screws for 70 yr old Yellow Pine

    I need some help selecting screws to re-lay my floor in my attic. I pulled all the boards up to rewire and insulate and now its time to put all the boards back in place. I tried a couple different kinds of screws but the wood splits pretty easily. I could drill pilot holes for all of them but it would probably take me the rest of my life.

    So what kind of screws would be good for screwing down old yellow pine boards in my attic. I think I should probably find some kind of self tapping screws but I am for the most part clueless when it comes to woodworking.



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    If you happen to be married, turn this project into a he does/she does project. Have one of you drill the pilot hole while the other follows behind setting the screws. This system also works well with a buddy as long as you provide the beer.
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      I agree with Dave, make it a "together" project as I really don't see a way around the need for pilot holes unless you buy plywood flooring and forget about the yellow pine. (But, I'd use the pine!) Splitting is a problem at any time you use screws as the fastener and pilot holes are most always necessary. Even when nailing molding, etc. it is wise to use a pilot hole on some woods, especially when they are old and may be quite dry, as I'm sure your attic boards would be.

      Good luck,



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        How were the boards originally fastened? Probably nailed, right? Why not just renail them? If you really need to use screws, you should only need pilot holes for the screws near the ends of the boards. Mcfeelys has self drilling trim screws that would probably do the job too.
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          Thanks for the quick replys guys. I figured I may have to go the pilot hole route. I would rather go with screws in case I ever need to pull the boards up again. The first time was a pain because all the nails were down inside of the toungs of the boards.

          I may still look into the self drilling screws as well. My dad is a die hard mcfeelys customer to.

          Thanks again,



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            I have a senco add on to my deck gun and it self feeds,they have self drilling screws and the strip feed is very easy esp. in confined spaces. It even att. to my DeWalt cordless deckgun.
            HD used to sell them. Easy off and on by a button.
            You can buy the Senco cordless 18v system ,made by TTI/
            Ridgid but I would not buy any cordless from Ridgid until they get the QC problems solved.