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    I expect that this is not really the place to post this but I am looking to upgrade to a higher end TS. I was directed to Felder and found the Hammer. It has a big sticker price but it is a combo unit that integrates TS c/w sliding table, shaper, jointer, thickness planer and mortising unit. My question is has anyone ever seen one being used or used one? I can justify the high price as there are many machines in one and I want to set this up for my retirement.

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    Re: The Hammer

    I have quite a bit of info related to my older model Hammer and combo machines in general on my web site. In addition, there is a felder / hammer user group you might look for on yahoo and there are a few euro machine owners on the sawmill creek forums.

    In addition to felder/hammer, look at minimax and rojek, there some other options as well.