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    How do you choose the speed for your drill?

    I've read a couple of comments about drill presses not going slowly enough for some purposes, but I'm unclear on the reasoning. Jake had mentioned that drilling larger holes in metal requires going slower. I also saw a comment about overheating Forstner bits because the drill press didn't have a low-enough speed.

    So there's a problem with heat dissipation at higher speeds, but I assume there's more to it or drill presses would be geared lower overall.

    Some factors could be heat dissipation, smoothness of cut, material type, bit type, wear-and-tear on bits, and the operator's mood.

    Can someone enlighten me?


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    Try this link:

    This to a drill speed chart. I find it very handy. Hope this helps you out. Dave [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      Not sure if you're actually going to drill in metal, or just used it as an example. If you are drilling in metal, make sure you use plenty of lubricant. (oil) The oil will control heat build up and make your bits last a whole lot longer.