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    Here’s the newest impulse acquisition. Went to the local Woodcraft store on Friday to see what I could pick up with the “10% off” birthday month card they sent me. Gathered up a bunch of MilesCraft items, a nice book by Doug Stowe and then I was confronted by a sign that said “In-store Special.” Well that sign grabbed me by the back of my hair and wouldn’t let go. After a few minutes I escaped to another part of the store and that darn sign found me and forced me to look at it again, holding me in another place. The band saw was on sale from JET ($50 rebate) with another 10% off at the store. So the BS ended up costing me $445 and then there’s the $50 mail in rebate. (It’s in the mail) Not bad! So naturally, since I had the 10% off birthday card I picked up the BS accessories. Wouldn’t you? I grabbed the dolly, miter gauge, Kregg fence, riser block and a couple Timber Wolf BS blades. The total bill was way too much even with the 10% but hell, it’s my birthday month.

    P.S. I did go to home Depot to inquire about the RIDGID BS three weeks ago. There wasn’t anyone that could answer ANY questions about it. I walked out. Sorry RIDGID.
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    Re: Jet Bs

    Jim... I dont have any personal experience with the Jet, but do have 2 bandsaws in my shop, one being the mentioned Ridgid. You are going to really enjoy having a bandsaw if youve never owned one before. They just bring so much more creativity, and capability to a shop. If you are new to the bandsaw, I would recommend one of the bandsaw books, maybe the new one from Mark Duginske:

    I think you are going to find that the Jet will be a high quality machine and will meet your expectations. Have fun and post some pics of the completed projects.