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  • Dado/Arbor Length

    I was making some test cuts last evening with a new stacked dado set. I installed the dado set on the arbor at the maximum width of cut 29/32". It fits on the arbor fine but I can't install the arbor washer with the lock nut at that dado width. Is this normal or appropiate? Do I need the washer on or is it alright to just use the lock nut in this situation? Any advice would be great.


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    Hi Greg,
    No you don't need the washer, with the Dado Blades they are thick enough with out one.

    Semper Fi <BR>Chuck<BR>USMC 66-70


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      Chuck's right, you do not need the outside blade washer. Also the nut will only go on a few turns, but do not worry about it coming off. The rotation of the blade will cause it to tighten.



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        One question though...29/32nds?...Which saw are you using? I thought the max dado width on the TS2424 was 13/16ths (or 26/32nds for the fractionally challenged. I know we're quibbling over 3/32nds but just thought I'd check the specs
        - Tim


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          The manual does state a max dado width. I'm not in my shop but I think you have it or are very close. I recently purchased the Freud Super dado set and set up to plow 25/32" in pt pine. Out of curiousity (I know, it can kill a cat but not a Wood Dog [img]smile.gif[/img] ) I checked to see if the arbor would handle one more chipper (only had an 1/8" chipper left to try.) It would not allow me to thread the nut. I could have added a few shims but my arbor would not allow me to reach 29/32".

          Maybe some slight variation in arbor lengths.... I don't know. I have the TS2424-1 if that makes a difference.

          I guess size matters after all.

          Wood Dog


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            Well the widest dado the arbor is made for 13/16". I guess I just assumed that was the max width for all dados...I guess not. If the arbor was any longer at full depth/full height the arbor would hit the underside of the insert.