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    Originally posted by Chuck Rebhorn :
    You keep coming back and asking questions, that's good. I was going to buy a Grizzly 1023, but have decided on the Ridgid 2424.

    I also was sold on the Grizzly 1023. I even drove up to Springfield, MO to lay hands on it and play. I WAS SOLD! Then I hooked up with this forum. By the time i had all the parts for the Grizzly on the order form it was ~$1100 (this was the 110v right tilt) this included a shop fox base, motor cover, blade.

    My experience level did not lend me to that level of saw (cabinet) and the support right here on this forum with Jake's consistent involvement was the best deal for me. With the savings I was also able to get a dado blade, Bosch router kit and a rail and stile bit set!

    Sooooooo, that's my 4 cents

    Every project I start is a gamble.


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      Thanks for mentioning the Indi-Cut. My husband bought me a 2424 for our anniversary and while I read through the manual after we assembled the saw, I missed the part about the Indi-Cut. What a great feature! Although this is my first saw, I did use a friend's Grizzly before I got mine and there is no comparison. I love the Ridgid and am hoping my husband will surprise me this week with the Ridgid planer I have been admiring for several months. We live in a rural area and the only saws available are at HD, Sears, and a hardware store that sells Dewalt. I seriously looked at the Dewalt but with the mobile base it was $1000. The 2424 with Hercu-Lift was only $600 so the $400 we saved can pay for the planer.


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        Originally posted by Keystone:
        As far as a Cabinet saw goes. Really there is no comparison here. It's like a Yugo and an El Dorado.
        So are you saying the RIDGID saw is a Yugo????


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          Well, they _do_ have about the same amount of cast iron....



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            Only if you want too.

            I would consider an HFT bench top "the Yugo", and PM66 as teh El Dorado. Read my first post and you'll notice I said I wish I had been able to see the Rigid before I bought my Craftsman. I would have bought the Rigid! [img]smile.gif[/img]

            If Rigid comes out with a Cabinet saw @ the time I am ready to purchase mine, I will be looking at it for sure.
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              Oh Dave,

              Great point, except I think the saw may have a slight edge on the Yugo.

              My whole point was that you can get from point A to B in a car. It's how you ride. There is a "Wood Artist" in the land down under that produces some of the most wonderful furniture I have ever seen and he uses a little bench top to do it................
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