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    I am not new to woodworking, but new (2 years) to the USA form England, living in sunny Corpus Christi Texas. I have been looking for a table saw for a while now, had to sell everything when we move across the pond. I had decided on teh TS3650, but having read all of teh posts on teh price of teh 3612, I decide dto go to the local HD to try my luck. I printed out the posts on pricing at various HD locations nationwide and visited Friday. They had one 3612, complete with the correct rails in stock. I could not get the tool guy to move on price, stuck at a discounted $467. Sunday, I took "her who must be obeyed" with me, within 5 minutes she had gone through teh copies of the posts with the other tool guy, he had discussed them with the MOD and low and behold, a TS3612 for $295.

    How does she do it. She will be negotiating my next pay rise.

    Thanks again to the Forum.

    Now to get on with the kitchen cabinets she needs!!

    BTW, NikonGeoff is because I sold my camera gear to buy my WW stuff.

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    That is truly an awesome deal on a great saw. You are very fortunate in your choice of partners!

    If you haven't had a Ridgid before... you will probably want to look at enclosing it to enhance dust collection... lots of good info here about that. Also, if it was assembled by HD (a display model?), you will want to go back through the entire setup procedure yourself. Trust nothing- I just went through all that.

    You hear some people knock the webbed extensions, but since they're all I've ever had, I don't know how others get along without them. It's a great machine, and welcome aboard.