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  • Ridgid RAS

    Looks like Ridgid is not listing the RAS anymore..never mind the TS vs. RAAS arguement..I need to realign the arm indexing settings, but no brochure and no online help. Anyone done this before - I believe you remove the back arm cover but not sure..please respond ASAP..thanks


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    Re: Ridgid RAS

    The Ridgid is made by Emerson and so is Craftsman
    Try this link and pick a manual close to the vintage of your saw


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      Re: Ridgid RAS

      I have a Ridgid RAS as well and I will look for my manual to see if it states anything about this procedure. Only problem is, I am out of town at the moment and I will not be back home until this weekend. If you can wait that long, I will look for my manual and post a reply. In the meantime, maybe someone else could see if they can find it in their manual?


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        Re: Ridgid RAS

        Didn't find anything to help out so you have the manual/section showing this process?


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          Re: Ridgid RAS

          My RAS is a vintage 1974 Craftsman... made by Emerson Electric. I can post the procedure if you think it will serve the purpose.

          Off the top of my head, basically you align the table to the arm, as the arm rarely needs to be re-indexed. Table procedure requires that the table hardware be loosened, and using a framing squared to align the blade travel to the fence.

          You then use a mallet to tap the table front edge (left or right) to get it square with the the blade travel.

          If that procedure doesn't get it it, then the arm's indexing would have to be adjusted. On my particular model, that's a simple matter of removing the indexing cap on the rear top of the arm (two screws), and then loosening (not removing) the two index fasteners inside. Once loosened, the arm can be move slightly to the left or right to bring the arm into alignment. Again a framing square is used to check the blade/carriage travel along the arm to check it's squareness with the fence.

          It may take several trys, but once established you tighten the indexing hardware, replace the cap, recheck the alignment, tighten the table hardware, rear clamps, and you should be set.

          Hows the other adjustments???

          I hope this helps,



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            Re: Ridgid RAS

            Found the manual