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Mortising chisels?

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  • Mortising chisels?

    What's everyone paying for mortising chisels in your area, not just at HD. My local HD wants $29.99 for a Delta 1/4" model 17-780 chisel and bit set. I was shocked. Went to amazon and the same chisel/bit set is $12.39, less than half. So which is the more 'normal' price, I expected them to be in the 12 - 15 dollar range. Also, HD only had the one size, 1/4".

    I bought the Delta mortising attachment for my Craftsman® 15" DP (model 113.213850) to see if it would fit. I didn't buy the chisels yet as I was waiting to see how/if the mortising attachment fit. My model Craftsman® DP wasn't listed on the box but you never know, especially since this DP is about 20 years old. It fits fine with a very minor mod that does not affect alignment or safety. Having no chisel/bit at the time I chucked up the alignmnet rod included with the kit, and spun the chuck by hand to check clearances, they were fine. I then powered up the DP at low RPM, still no problem. Now need to get a bit and chisel and give it a real test in some wood.

    I should also mention that I noticed when tightening the hold-down clamp it would rotate a bit when turning the clamping knob. I checked the end of the threads on the clamping screw and saw that they were not square (perpendicular) to the axis of the bolt. I threaded two nuts on the bolt and locked them together to be able to hold the bolt in the vise. I lined up the face of the end nut at the lowest point of the end of the bolt, and used it as a rough guide as I hand filed the bolt end square. Now when I tighten the knob to lock down the hold-down clamp it stays positioned where I put it. This bolt should really have a cup end like a set screw on it so it can bite into the rod it rides on.

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    Bob D.

    Your price seems about the same as here in Kansas at HD. I am curious though, what did you pay for the Mortising attachment itself. I ask because the HD sells the attaachment for $32.95 and the local Lowes sells the kit for $75.00 with four chisel sets included in a nice case.
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      Yeah, that's about what I paid for the attachment, $34 and change. I expected that piece to be more, guess the plan is to suck you in with the low price on the attachment and gouge you on the bits :-(


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        I have seen the same thing as GW. I will be going to Lowes to purchase the attachment and 4 bits for the $75.00. The HD bit is Delta also but for 30.00 it must be a "special" Delta bit.


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          If I had a Lowes close by I would have gone that route too. By mid-Spring my HD will have competition from a new Lowes and I will be checking their prices on items like this. I think once Lowes opens up across the street from my HD they will drop their prices on a number of items, time will tell. In the mean time I can get all four chisel/bit sets from Amazon for $49 w/free shipping so will probably go that route.


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            If you plan on doing more than a few mortises, return the adapter and buy a dedicated machine. I just recieved my JET JBM-5 from AMAZON, for 175.00 including 3 chisels. If you buy the Delta MM-300 you get 4 chisels for the same 175.00.