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TP1300 or R4330?

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  • TP1300 or R4330?

    Which one of the 2 above is the best planner for the price/features?

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    Re: TP1300 or R4330?

    Here are a couple of obvious differences:

    1) The 1300 comes with a leg stand and the 4330 does not.
    2) The 4330 has three blades compared to two on the 1300. I am new to planers so I cant comment on the benefits of three blades. If I had to guess I would think three might give a better a finish. That being said I have the 1300 and think it gives a very smooth surface.
    3) The 4330 does not have a cutter head lock and the 1300 does. The lock can help reduce snipe and there have been some rumblings that 4330 could benefit from one. But it might be more of a setup issue with the 4330 because I cant seem them removing this feature unless they incorporated some other way to keep the cutter head stabile.
    4) The 1300 has a good track record and the jury is still out on the 4330 being so new.
    5) Blades for the 1300 are getting hard to find and will probably get harder. A third party manufacturer might step in to fill the void but who knows if and when that will happen. I have never seen blades for the 4330 yet but they should become increasing available.

    All in all its not such an easy decision. I went with the 1300 for its track record and the leg stand. A search on this forum might give you more food for thought since this has come up before. I am sure both will be fine but personally I feel the 1300 is better deal mostly because of the leg stand. If you dont need that then maybe the 4330 has a slight edge with its three blades.


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      Re: TP1300 or R4330?

      Thank You Prez for the info.H D here in s cal only sells latter model of planner.Will use your 2 cents for info.H D says no more 1300 models here in S Cal. Thanks Vic