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calculating board feet

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    Re: calculating board feet

    ya I saw that plan Harrison,
    there are may out there but the one I posted in my question at the beging of this thread was most complete with detailed instructions, I had some old stairsteps 2x 10's x 6 feet pine , that we use for the front steps of the store , that I cut down , then glued up to make a block 4 x4 and used that to practiced making one of the feet of the table with the mortices too. that way it was like making a practice run, the rest of the table is pretty straight forward.

    ps: I still have to make the two mortice in that piece, and I have not yet gone to the saw mill yet,

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      Re: calculating board feet

      Here is a Bf calculator that is pretty easy to use.


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        Re: calculating board feet

        a board foot is one foot square and one inch thick (nominal measurements) 144 cubic inches of wood, (nominal or stated ruff measurements)

        so a 1x12 is one board foot per running foot of length,
        a 2x6 is one board foot per running foot of length,
        a 2x12 would be two board foot, of foot of length,
        a 2x4 is 2/3's of a board foot per running foot,
        a 1x8 would be 2/3's of a board foot per running foot of length, and so on,

        so going back to the original example, 10x7 is 70 square foot, and 2" thick, so there is 140 board foot.
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