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    I am looking for a rockwell router modle 4600. A PC 690 WILL not work for the jobs that this router will do. The router wiil be mortiseing right aginets door sotps. I need some help.
    Andy B.

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    Andy, I'm not sure how much this will help, I'm actually hoping this will help someone else's memory. I don't think that Rockwell exist's anymore, one of my pastimes when searching the web is to look at the history of the companies sites I go to. If you go to Delta and/or PC's web site I believe there is a history of the two companies and Rockwell comes up as being the parent and or absorbed by I believe Delta. I'd be guessing at this point however one could assume that Rockwell hand tools now live on as PC, whereas the bigger machines are Delta. I have recently read something about a new router that will work as you describe, now if I could only remember where I read it. Might have been Popular Woodworking's annual tool review (?). If I stumble on it again I will add a new post here. Hopefully someone else can add something here a little more helpful. Good luck on your search.
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