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Stop system for MSUV? Ideas?

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  • Stop system for MSUV? Ideas?

    I'm pretty close to buying an MSUV... in fact probably before the day is over, if I can get to the part of town where I can buy it (the HD on my side of town had never had them, as far as I can tell -- and they usually display the Ridgid machinery inside boxes on the top shelf!

    The one thing that the MSUV doesn't have is a good stop system. I've been told that you can raise the roller a bit and use it as a stop, but that's messy at best. Have any of you MSUV owners come up with an innovative stop system that can be added to the MSUV?


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    Dan .....the roller can be used as a stop by design. In fact when you raise the roller to the proper height, the angle piece at the bottom actually serves as a support for the piece you cut rather than falling off.


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      I have been putting a lot of "mileage" on my MSUV (love it!), and I use the rollers as stops just as Bob suggests, and it works just fine.