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Ridgid BS1400 -- is it identical to Jet?

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  • Ridgid BS1400 -- is it identical to Jet?

    I've seen a few comments in other woodworking forums stating that the Ridgid BS1400 and the Jet 14" open stand bandsaw are essentially the exact same saw -- except of course for paint and the Emerson motor [img]smile.gif[/img] I know both are manufactured in Taiwan (not necessarily bad... some very good tools come from there). I've heard it said that they actually are made in the same plant in Taiwan (possible, I know... just like appliances come from the same plant with different names). I also know that many of the aftermarket add-ons (Carter guides, for example) for the Jet will fit perfectly on the BS1400. The saws also look very similar, although I have never been able to see them side-by-side. In fact, I've never actually seen a Jet 14" saw up close and personal, since we don't have a Jet dealer here. It's unmistakable though that the pictures I've seen of the Jet BS fence and the Ridgid BS fence are virtually the same picture.

    How 'bout it, you guys who have seen both saws? Is the BS1400 the Jet's twin brother?

    If the two really ARE identical, then all the good reviews that the Jet gets apply to the Ridgid BS1400, and since the woodworking reviews seem to overlook the Ridgid bandsaw whenever they do a tool comparison, that's good buying info for me. With no Jet dealer locally, I'd lean toward the BS1400 so I have someone to whine to if I'm not happy ... and of course the Lifetime Warranty is a plus too.

    <whiney mode on>

    The one thing that the Jet has that the BS1400 doesn't have is a 110/220 motor. As an electrical engineering type, I prefer running my machinery on 220 when I can, and the shop is all set up for it. Perhaps I'm a minority?

    <whiney mode off>


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    Contact Iturra Design at for thier bandsaw catalogue. As an engineer, you will love the wealth of info regarding 14" bandsaws.They make great aftermarket products.My guess is you will end up with a 1hp delta. Good luck and don't buy till you read Iturra's info and get a replacement tensioning spring for whatever saw you purchase.It will make your saw cut like you expect it to.


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      You are right, the Jet band saw and our RIDGID BS1400 are very similar units. This allows almost any accessory that will fit the Jet to fit our machine also. As for the fit and finish, I think if you look closely you'll find the finish of the RIDGID Bandsaw equal to or surpassing that of the Jet's.

      As far as 220V, I definitely understand the desire to run at 220v, cooling running machines, longer motor life, and faster spool ups. RIDGID does not make a 220V bandsaw at this time, but keep you eyes out. You will see more and more dual voltage equipment from RIDGID in the future.



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        Well, Jake... you guys DO have some associates that make motors, right?

        Repeat after me... "220 TEFC. 220 TEFC. 220 TEFC..."

        Thanks for your response, Jake. FWIW, the Delta 14" open stand model 1s 115V only, as well. Sigh.



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          It is too bad that more people don't realize just how SIMPLE it is for an electrician to rig you one or two 220V outlets, particularly if your tools are in the basement a few feet away from your electric distribution panel (or, if you have an electric clothes dryer, anywhere close to the dryer, so long as you don't do the wash and the carpentry at the same time).