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TS3650 saw blade

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  • TS3650 saw blade

    I'm pretty new to woodworking and have very little experience with carbide tipped saw blades. I was just wondering if anyone thinks the saw blade that comes with the 3650 is worth having sharpened. It took a while but it's getting pretty dull.

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    Re: TS3650 saw blade

    It's strictly a matter of opinion John, but I'd prefer to put the money it would cost to sharpen it toward a better blade. Even blades as inexpensive as the Freud LU86R010 for ~ $35, TK Avanti TK306 for ~ $26 shipped, the Diablo 1040x for $29 plus tax locally, the DeWalt DW7140PT for $36 shipped, the DeWalt DW7150PT on sale for $34 shipped, or the Tenryu RS25540 for $30 shipped are all much better than the stock blade.

    Sharpening the stock blade would run ~ $ would be sharp for a while, but it still wouldn't have the precision tolerances, the quality of carbide, the stiff body, the performance, or the longevity of any of these aftermarket blades mentioned. I think you'll be surprised by the improvement of a good blade.
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      Re: TS3650 saw blade

      Welcome to the forums, Johnformaro.

      I agree with Hewood. I'd prefer to get any of the blades he mentions rather than sharpen the stock blade. I've had my 3650 for a few years now, and I don't think I could even find the blade it came with at this point. I use the Freud or a Forrest WWII. Any of the blades Hewood mentions are rated highly and are good blades.
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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        Re: TS3650 saw blade

        Thanks for the input! (and the Amazon links) I have a DeWalt blade on order. I've read that the stock blades that come with table saws are usually crap but this is my 1st table saw and I thought I would at least cut my teeth (no pun intended) on the stock blade. I'm looking forward to making better cuts.