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    Thought maybe I would get some feedback on my discovery this afternoon. I was cruising around in Lowes and ran across a Delta 14" bandsaw. It is the open stand model with the 3/4 hp motor. They have it on clearance for $369. Now don't get the wrong idea I like the Ridgid bandsaw just as well but hey a deal is a deal. What do you all think?


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    Sounds good except for one thing, what is Delta's warrenty as compaired to RIDGID. Is the price now more important that "down the road" warrenty should there be something say in 14 months, 29 months from time of purchace. I think that I would give this a REAL GOOD LOOK..RIDGID is has a LIFETIME WARRENTY dd [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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      workbench magazine has a 14" band saw test report. Go to Http://

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      Andy B.


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        Amazon has that saw for $599. Delta bandsaws are the standard that most companies try to copy. I ordered a 14" enclosed base (limited edition) and will receive it tomorrow - can't wait! I believe they have a 2 year warranty and Ridgid's lifetime warranty is against defects (at least that's the way my jointer's warranty reads). I think you would discover any defects in less than 2 years.

        Following is the Amazon site with the bandsaw listed:

        Bob R