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Table Saw Blade Angle Setting???

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  • Table Saw Blade Angle Setting???

    Does anybody have a good suggestion for setting accurate off-angles on the table saw blade? I've looked into protractors but the ones I've seen you can only get within a degree or so by eyeballing. I've found the same thing with the magnetic level protractors I've seen.

    Right now I'm cutting scraps of wood with my Dewalt compound miter saw. I then use these scraps up against the blade and get a dead-on angle to whatever the miter saw cut. Supposedly with the vernier scale, Dewalt claims you can get an angle to within 0.25 degrees. However, I don't know how accurate this method is since I don't know how accurate the miter saw is except at 90 and 45 degrees.

    I'm willing to shell out a little money on this but don't want to spend $100+ on a table saw gimmic tool. One possibility could be to get an incra protractor and use it to check my current scrap-wood method.

    Thanks for any help, -Robert

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    Years ago at a local art/drafting supply store I bought an adjustable angle triangle. It sort of looks like a 90/45/45 triangle. However the hypotenuse side is really adjustable so you can set any angle you desire. The scale is etched into the plastic and goes through 45 degrees in half degree increments. The scale is big enough that one degree requires 2 millimeters of movement. The indicator is a finely etched line about a hair wide but easy enough to see. There is also tangents and seconds marked on the scale.

    The degree scale is marked and can be used 45-90 degrees from the bottom leg of the 90 degree angle or 45-0 degrees from the upright leg of the 90 degree angle.

    To set an angle I can get within .25 of a degree really easy since the scale is so large. As an added bonus I can also place it against the angle I want and lock it down.

    I set the angle or measure the angle and carry it to my saw and adjust the tilt or mitre to match. It is very very versatile. I keep it in the top draw of my tools and I'm vey protective of it.

    It is made by Helix part number LA 08T made in Denmark.

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    • #3 shows 5 different adjustable triangles available. HTH
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        They look like the one I was trying to describe. [img]smile.gif[/img] Thanks!!!!!!
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          Thanks guys! I didn't know that something like that existed. -Robert