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Dust collection & shop wiring

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  • Dust collection & shop wiring

    I'd like to set up a vacuum system that would start up simultaneously with the tool I'm using. My problem is that my shop only has one 20 amp and one 15 amp circuit. I'm assuming the tool and the vacuum would have to run on the same circuit and if so then I can't do it because the 2 together would blow my 20 amp circuit...But I could be wrong and that is why we have discussion forums. Does anyone know if this can be set up on seperate circuits?

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    Re: Dust collection & shop wiring

    It's not a good idea to run your dust collector from the same breaker as your tool. Even if it doesn't trip the breaker, the current drain from the vacuum will "rob" a bit of power from the tool. Especially big stuff like table saws.

    The next best thing is to get a remote control for your collector and let it run on it's own circuit. If your shop is spread out you can get multiple remotes to place in a couple areas. There are several available in the $50 range.