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horizontal router table plans

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  • horizontal router table plans

    I'm putting together plans to build a horizontal router table, mostly to do
    raised panels and any other work that can be done on a horizontal router table.
    I want to take advantage of the horizontal router bits for doing panels.

    One of the features I've noticed on the horizontal tables, that I have seen
    pictures of is that they all have what I feels is an excess amount of up and
    down travel to the router table top.

    I don't want to limit myself if I can help it. So........ if you know, or can
    think of reasons that I might be routing more than 4 inches above the top of
    the table I'd like to hear form you. Yes, I also have a vertical router table.

    Getting this input will help to plan the horizontal router table from as many
    prospectives as I can, this will determin my final drawing/plan for building
    it. I Thank you for reading my post and for any input given in advance!

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    Re: horizontal router table plans

    For the same reasons you would want to rout more than 4 inches away from the fence on a regular router table. The size of your piece may dictate that.
    For raised panels I doubt you'd ever need it. For other routing there are plenty of applications, mortising, tenons, dados, fluting. Your creativity is the limit.


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      Re: horizontal router table plans

      Thanks Rafael for the comeback and I agree with you that The size of your piece may dictate that.