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Miraculous 3612?

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  • Miraculous 3612?

    My new TS3612 may be more wonderful than I had expected. I'm about half way through assembly, and have discovered that the right hand scale on the fence rail is attached so that the 36-inch mark is nearest the blade, and the measurements decrease away from the blade to the right. Could this mean that if I rip a board and get it too narrow on the first pass, I can rip it again and it will get wider? Or does the fact the the numerals read upside down mean something else? I'm eager for suggestions on this.
    Tony<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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    Whats'amatter Tony---you mean you can't stand on your head and operate the new saw??

    Had the same thing happen on a Leigh dovetail jig--the name/logo was upside down---re-checked diagram, holes, etal---no it was just labeled upside down--and I already have trouble remembering if it's Leigh or Liegh

    Now, you think this is funny---I'd pay money to watch you return the fence rails to HD and try to explain it to a typcal HD employee.


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      If you don't mind changing out the scale yourself, drop me a line via email with your address and number and I'll get a new one sent out.



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        Jake --

        Thanks for your offer, and for following this forum in general. It's good to know help is available, and is one of the main reasons I went with Ridgid. My particular problem is solved - I took back the box with the guide rails and my home Depot provided me with an exchange with no hassle.
        Tony<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>