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    Re: Lifetime Warranty signup

    Originally posted by claugh View Post
    ... you can’t take your machine back to HD for repairs...
    A few days ago I was chatting with the tool rep at a local HD, and mentioned a bad experience I had with the service agreement a while ago (see below). The rep told me that you actually CAN take your Ridgid tools to HD for service under the LLSA, but said there was a charge associated, and suspected that it was for shipping (said he didn't know the details). Next time I have to get any of my tools repaired, I'll definitely check out the details and see if it will be more convenient. I agree with Claugh, and would certainly rather support the Ma & Pa store, but with gas prices these days...

    It is almost impossible to get any TLC from the big fish, though. A few months ago I bought the EB4424 (Oscillating Belt Sander), and after only a few weeks of light use the fan cracked nearly in half. Upon inspection, it was clear that the crack was due to a deformity in the plastic used to make the fan (i.e. it was pretty clear that it was a manufacturing anomaly, rather than "operator error"). The fan was only 79 cents on the Ridgid parts site, so I figured they'd happily send me a new one. I contacted Ridgid via my eBox, and received the reply "take the entire unit to your local service center, and they'll see if they can fix it...". Since my "local" service center is more than 20 miles away, I wasn't about to spend $15-20 in gas to replace my 79 cent part... I ended up paying the $9 shipping charge (yes, $9 to ship my 2 inch, 79 cent piece of plastic) to order from Prior to this experience I was a true Ridgid loyal, and recommended the tools to everyone I know, mostly because they make very good tools, but also because of the unbeatable service agreement.

    Unfortunately, I realized after this experience that the service agreement is really just insurance against severe problems and/or breakdowns. I was really disappointed because it would have saved me and Ridgid money if they had just sent me the 79 cent part (I'm sure they paid the guy who had to answer my 3 emails more than it would have cost to ship the part)! Ridgid's service went WAY down in my estimation after this experience (but they still make darn good tools, though, so I'm still a fan deep down...).