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ridgid jp06101 jointer - questions

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  • ridgid jp06101 jointer - questions

    I just purchased the Ridgid jp06101 jointer and had really bad issue with what I call cupping. It seems that the blades where a bit off but now after adjusting I notice that the planed surface seems to have several fine streaks. I'm thinking that the blades are nicked is several spots which I need to recheck. Has anyone notice this before? I have found on a few sites where people have had issues with the quality of the blades with this unit. Second question: I adjusted the tension of the belt by using the motor's weight and verified the 1" inch of travel, it seems normal and make sense but is it normal for the cutter pulley to be HOT after use? Sorry if that sounds dumb since friction is at play but wanted to ask because while adjusting the blades it seemed to pretty HOT with only a short amount of use.


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    Re: ridgid jp06101 jointer - questions

    I wouldn't settle for new knives with nicks in them. Call HD on this one. They owe you new on new equipment. As for the pulley heat I can't say that I've ever noted it but I haven't ever checked either.


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      Re: ridgid jp06101 jointer - questions

      my new 06101 also leaves small streaks. i havent checked it to see what the knives look like yet though. to me it wasnt a real big deal as small fine sand paper will remove them. if they had been gouges it would be different


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        Re: ridgid jp06101 jointer - questions

        When the knicks all line up you get the ridges on the board. You can offset the blades a bit so that the knicks are not lined up with each other. Either way, blade knicks are inevitable and are typically very small and sand off easily.