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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dave Arbuckle:
    Bubba, there is stuff called "bending plywood". Does just what you are asking for (I think, I'm a little dizzy from the math ), no steam, water, fuss or muss. It's an eighth inch thick, if memory serves. You laminate as many thicknesses as desired, then veneer over it.


    Thanks Dave.

    I did a search for this stuff via Yahoo last night and what I found was several things...

    1) Bendable substrate that you laminate after bending with a veneer...

    2) Something about bending curves using thin sheets of unidirectional plywood. Probably using steam or something...

    3) Also saw a flexible form of plywood from a company in Israel (Taal). He's a pic of what you can do with it.

    Not sure if it's the same as 1st product above and I've been unable to find a source via the web here in the U.S.

    Are any of these the same as the "Bending Plywood" you spoke of Dave? Any feedback from any of you on these options? Am I missing something?


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      You made me go look for manufacturer's names...

      To buy bending plywood here, you ask for it at a full-service wood vendor. Buying from the internet might be difficult, the shipping and packaging charges might be daunting. You also might have to buy a unit, which is generally a lot of sheets.

      But, here's a couple makers/distributors. Not a clue if any of them are ones I've used:

      If your Lumberman looks at you funny when you ask for bending plywood, say "you know, wacky wood" like you've dealt with it all your life. I promise, that's what it is called. When you handle a whole sheet, be prepared, it's a little like wrestling a bear made out of Jello.

      You can specify whether you want it to bend along the length or across the width.

      In your list, the number 1 stuff is something different. "Unidirectional plywood" is a description of bending plywood, I think. The pictures you show could be made with bending plywood, so that probably is some.



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        Wouldn't you rather wrestle with a bear made out of Jell-o than the other kind?


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          No doubt!

          But, it can be a little embarassing trying to get a handle on this stuff while all the yard workers roll on the ground laughing.



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            Thank you everyone for your help.

            I think I'll try "kerfing" and bending 3/8" plywood (inexpensive) around a form and then attaching or laminating 1/8" maple plywood to that. I believe it will be doable and probably easier than building using slats.

            On a related topic... please see my other post