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Differences between Rotozip, cut-out tools and Laminate trimmers

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  • Differences between Rotozip, cut-out tools and Laminate trimmers

    Fellow woodworkers!
    Can anyone tell me the difference and/or similarities between:
    Rotozip, cut-out tools and Laminate trimmers
    what would be the best overall tools to have?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Basically they are the same tool. The laminate trimmers tend to be somewhat more refined with better bases and seem to have nicer ergonomics IMO.


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      I have to recommend the Craftsman All-In-One tool set. Does it all
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        The Rotozip is a very good all around purpose tool. I have one and I use it for drywall, cutting tiles and small bits of concrete. You can get and use the Dremel bits which has 'router' bits. But If you are serious about using it for small lam jobs or craft/hobby projects get the lam trimer or look into a Dremel for the hobby type fun. Also the lam trimmers take 1/4" bits and the Rotozip will take 1/8" and if your putting pressure on it you may have some issues.
        A couple of years ago i wanted to redo my kitchen lam and started looking into lam trimmers and b4 it was all said and done i was walking out of Rockler with a new Porter 895 router and have gotten into wood working that way, and i'm glad i did it that way now !!!


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          Be careful to check the rated speed when using a RotoZip or similar tool with router or Dremel bits. RotoZip and its copy-cat cousins have a high RPM which may exceed some Dremel bit or other make top speed ratings.

          I think you can do more with a RotoZip than you can with a laminate trimmer, which is basically a sacled down router. I would not try using a lam trimmer for cutting drywall opening for electrical boxes and such. RotoZip (now owned by Bosch) makes a plunge base and some other special use bases for their tools. Most of these will fit the original RotoZip (SCS01 I think it is) which I received for Father's Day about 8 years ago, it is still going strong.

          That said I would not use a RotoZip as a lam trimmer. It may work OK but I doubt it will be as good as a laminate trimmer/mini-router.


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            The All-In-One comes with 1/8 and 1/4 collets. I have used it for normal Rotozip type things, dremel type jobs and a trim router as well as a light duty regular router. had it for over a year and still working perfect. They come with all types of attachments too. If you are a Prof. cabinet installer and do tops every day then maybe go with a bosch trim router.
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              Thanks all,

              I was actually thinking of buying ridgid's laminate trimmer and I wanted to get a feel whether this mini router can be used for working with drywall, making holes and triming melamine sheets and making holes in MDF material. No plans to use it with ceramic or metal.

              The dewalt cut-off tools at least in pictures seam to do this.

              regards, olilugo


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                Roto Zip Tool Corporation Announce Recall of Handheld Saws:


                In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Roto Zip Tool Corporation, of Cross Plains, Wis., is voluntarily recalling about 1.9 million handheld saws. The handles on these saws can separate from the body, causing the operator to be cut.

                CPSC and Roto Zip Tool Corp. have received 360 reports of loose or separating handles on the saws. As a result, there have been 19 reports of injuries to consumers, including some cuts requiring stitches.

                The recall includes Revolution®, Rebel™ and Solaris™ model Spiral SawTM power tools. The brand name and "ROTOZIP SPIRAL SAW" are written on the side of the tools. The saws are mostly black or red. The recalled saws include the serial numbers listed below:

                Saw Model Serial Number Range
                Revolution® 01 through 1,145,000
                Rebel™ 01 through 415,000
                Solaris™ 01 through 270,000

                follow link above for the full text of the recall


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                  That recall was around 2 years ago. Since then, RotoZip has been sold and is no longer in Cross Plains, WI.

                  I have one of the models that were recalled but didn't have the problem with mine that some experienced. At the time of the recall, I called RotoZip and talked to a very knowledgeable woman in CS. She told me that only a very small amount of the units made had a problem but they were recalling all of them just in case. I told her to keep the part as mine worked fine, for a RotoZip , and I really didn't see any point in having them send me one.

                  I'm guessing that the new owners, Skil/Bosch I believe, will have to honor the recall if there still are some unit out there that are failing.
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                    The Craftsman All-In-One tool is on sale for $49.88 right now in stores. Comes with the accessories shown below. They must be blowing these out for something new or going to drop the line altogether. Don't have one but have looked at it in the store and it looks to be a pretty sturdy tool.

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                      Thats the same one I bought a couple years ago fo $59. Great tool.
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