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  • JP06101 Assembly.

    I bought the Ridgid jointer planer on sale last Thursday from the local HD as I figured I would never see one at such a low price again. The HD goffers loaded it into the minivan for me and off I went!

    Thank God that my daughters boyfriend was visiting as I didnt have a 2 wheel dolly to use for unloading. I must admit that was one awkward shipping case to lift and move into the basement through the living room. (I imagine that the TS packages are worse for weight!) The shrink wrapping on the box didnt make the job any easier for lifting it.

    I decided to tackle the assembly by myself on the weekend. Having a second set of arms (as so many others have said before) would hve made it go faster and easier! However, I picked away at it and got it assembled in half a day. Lifting the bed out of the box was the only difficult part for me (especially with no beer on hand). The instructions were straight forward and the parts well layed out in the box (my complements to the Ridgid planning guys on this point). The only fustrating part was tightening one of the three bolts that held the jointer base to the support. (I think that I have heard grumbling about this before in cyberspace). However, patience prevailed.

    For once I was smart and used one of those mobile platforms on which to place the jointer. That sure makes it a charm for moving around. I made sure that I lessened the chance for tipping by adjusting the width of the mobile base to extend under the fence sliding plate on the bed.

    It took me a few minutes to adjust the cut as the outfeed table was set too high from the factory. While performing the set-up for the blades, I found that you cant eyeball these adjustments.

    Then, it was off to the races for trying it out!!! I am impressed with the whole package! Well packed and laid out! Decent instructions and well made! Not too noisy either! Thanks Ridgid...for a good piece of equipment. You made me very happy with my purchase. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
    Chris Berg

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    I also picked up my jointer and works great. Wish i had someone to help me unload it and bring down into my basement workshop

    just another money saving tip.... HD is offering 10% any tool with bringing in and old tool.
    So i saved another $40. only paying $359. for my jointer.


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      Hey Tonka!

      That is what buddies and beer are for!

      If you take the parts that are in the top styrofoam packer out (motor and support pieces) AND then take out the fence, the jointer bed is more manageable for sliding along the floor to the basement door even though it must still be well over a 100 lb. Gravity does its thing on the stairs so have someone at both ends of the box when you navigate that part of the house!

      [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
      Chris Berg


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        I unloaded an assemble my jointer by myself, so I know what you mean. I had no problems with any of the bolts (I have big hands, so normally things are a challenge). There was one problem I ran into -the motor bolts were a PITA! I then realized the bolts were supposed to be put in from the other side of what I was doing and everything went fine.

        It's a great machine. When I used mine the first time, I didn't know how I ever got along without it.


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          You're supposed to get help for these things? I unloaded and assembled my RAS, 2424, and band saw alone.(not all at the same time!) I wanted to have all the fun(and beer) myself. I guess I'm just selfish.(and I wanted to get them finished before my wife found out I bought another tool!)

          No wonder I have back problems.

          [ 10-08-2003, 01:42 PM: Message edited by: Greg's Garage ]
          keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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            Greg.... An interesting point has been raised by your last comment..... A number of wood / tool websites mention that the first thing to consider before the purchase of any major tool is to get permission from the spouse. Not that I havent taken that advice into consideration, I am now faced with a bit of a quandry...... I just bought the Ridgid jointer planer on sale last Thursday. In the spring I bought a number of the PC 19.2 volt cordless tools. I told the wife about the jointer planer (and the excellent sale price)and all of the earlier purchases....NO PROBLEM!!! Today, the new laser version of the SCMS showed up at the local HD. If I go for it, that will be a big chunk of money outlayed in the last 5 months (but manageable). What have you guys done in the past when you just had to have the tool? Do you:
            (a) act straight up and bring her (or him) on side her by discussing all the positive points that will benefit both of you and the home and family?
            (b) buy it and hope she doesnt notice (sorta Gregs approach with buying it all and then putting it together before she can figure whats going on)?
            (c)buy the tool and wait til she or he is in a good mood before spilling the beans?
            (d) buy it and say nothing and then when she / he notices the bill payment or the tool, simply say: *Oh Honey...I got that tool a few months ago!*(and hope thats the extent of the discussion)?
            (e) change the subject quickly if it becomes a topic of discussion?
            (f) purchase an item of equivalent value just for her and spring it on her when she notices the new tool or tools? ( might want to think about this choice as a back-up to what you did)
            (g) indicate that you had the tool all along (although this can seriously backfire!)
            (h) save up for the item ahead of time and dont run the gauntlet by putting the bill on quivering plastic?
            (i) do something else that is worth sharing? Describe here: __________________.

            Before someone brands me as a chauvinist *oinker* I do realize that the best approach is to talk about it up front as being honest and open is always the best approach. However, I think we all worry about hearing the *NO* answer from the better half. There is also a lot of truth in not being able to have everything at once.

            I do think that the above question could make a good survey item! It would always be interesting to know what DIYs, enthusiasts, or professionals HONESTLY do in this situation.

            Chris (Not trying to be Funny) Berg
            Chris Berg


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              Chris, I can honestly say that I have used each and everyone of your suggestions above. One that has worked for me is to convince her that she should/is buying it for me for Christmas, or my b'day, or fathers day...(i got my RAS and CMS that way).

              Truthfully, my wife pretty much stays mad at me perpetually so, it really doesn't matter much if I buy something or not...I'm always in the "dog house". But, now I have some really cool tools to build it with!

              A wise man once wrote,"it is easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission".
              keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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                Try and find that "special" project without mentioning tools that she would just love for you to do. Then begin it and "stumble" across the limitations of your tool collection stating how things would be much easier if...That was the laser guided SCMS will be purchased only out of love of your wife (or at least appear to). If this doesn't fly, do like Greg and find a comfortable spot in the doghouse to sleep and it won't be so bad...
                Patrick<br /><br />


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                  Thanks guys!

                  Greg...that wise man quote is good and definately applies in many situations!

                  Pat...I will definately try the *project* approach. She does want new cabinets in the kitchen and the cost outlay for a custom kitchen supplies a surefire justification for the necessary tools and with money to spare!
                  Chris Berg


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                    I started out thinking I had an understanding spouse when I got the Jointer, but when the opportunity arose I sh** hit the fan. This was even after I explained that at nearly 50% off of the list price WE were getting a great deal. It seems that I was not quite right on this perception. I would vote for buying and then somehow work it into a future project. "Hey honey good thing I got that jointer, can you imagine how difficult this would be without it?"


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                      Sale price technique does'nt work. Wife says "don't save us any more money." Otay....i just built a larger more comfortable doghouse, bed, TV, cable, PC, Tools. I'm all set. gotta get heat in there for the winter though. Any sales on heaters????
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