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    Ok now dont Laugh....this is my first project using all me new shop tools , the jointer, the planner, the TS, and the bandsaw the wood was recycled from an old from step, used in front of the store, I had to sand all the old paint off , was sand added to the paint to make skid proof, before cutting the piece it was origianlly a 2x9x60 piece of treated lumber, we have six steps like this in front of the store, and have to change one or two every year from wear and tear.

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    Re: first project one is laughing! The best thing is to start with simple projects. You can learn how to SAFELY and CORRECTLY use your tools and build confidence in your skills.

    As you become more comfortable you'll find yourself evolving to more elaborate projects.

    Case in point: We had a pocket door for a bathroom fail. I had no clue [confidence] how to
    address the failure. After many projects and watching this old house I decided it's time to jump into the fire.

    I cut a hole in the dry wall to access the door, of course this was the point of no return.
    I then removed the old pocket door and hardware and replaced them with all new stuff.
    Some fresh paint along with trim and the question that was always asked first was "So? why did it take you so long to fix this??"!!

    Good luck and enjoy the experience of wood working!

    Cactus Man


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      Re: first project

      Nice work, Smelly! That clamp rack looks great. Looks like you've got some space for more clamps.
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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        Re: first project

        Who's laughing??!! I don't even have a clamp rack - they're just standing in a corner. But now I'm motivated to get something done! Good job, sir!
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