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TS2400 table top sag

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  • TS2400 table top sag

    I just bought the TS2400 from HD, and one of the first things I checked the flatness of the aluminum top using a straight edge in all directions...well it is sagged around the blade area an honest 1/16" in the middle from front to back and also side to side, like a "bowl" shape that extends about a 12" circle total. The left and right handle area ends of the saw top are highest points.
    Did I just get a lemon or has anyone else had this problem on the 2400 saw?

    No obvious signs of any shipping damage to the carton outside or inside, but I noticed that 2 rubber bushings underneath the saw stand that pad the folded legs are split from the weight of the folded legs stored against them in the carton,

    I will call customer service today, but wanted some feedback first.


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    I would just return it and see if you can check the top with a straightedge before you take it home.