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Router bit size vs route speed

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  • Router bit size vs route speed

    Dear All,

    I'm making a desk out of rustic/knotty alder. I want to rout a decorative edge on the top which is about 1 3/4 in thick. I just received the Freud cove & bead bit I want to use (#38-314) w/ 1/2in shaft. However, I have two problems:

    1) My milwaukee router is a fixed speed unit rated at 24 000 rpm. The router bit is 1 9/16 in diam. In the freud leaflet it says bit diam 1 1/4in = 18 000 max rpm. 2 1/4 bit diam = 16 000 max rpm. Can I use this bit in this router safely? I think I know the answer: NO! But thought I'd ask.

    2) It also states that bits over 1 1/2in in diam should only be used in a router table. This bit is 1/16 over this size. Can I use it free hand out of a table, in a router with the correct speed, safely?

    I was so excited (and my son was becuase its his desk) to get this bit and put on the finishing touches, now I'm at a stand still.

    If I need to get a new variable speed router, any suggestions for a reasonably priced unit?

    Thanks Dennis

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    Re: Router bit size vs route speed

    DW, You may want to do a search for router speed control. For instance Rockler has one for $50. That sure beats the cost of a new router.



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      Re: Router bit size vs route speed

      Brilliant! Thanks for the suggestion Terry. Just what I need.