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Craftsman CompuCarve ...You got one yet?

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  • Craftsman CompuCarve ...You got one yet?

    I saw this thing in the new Sears flyer today and I was wowed by what it could do

    It's the Craftsman CompuCarve Computer-Controlled Compact Woodworking Machine.... what a mouthful

    At $1,700 looks like a bargain

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    Re: Craftsman CompuCarve ...You got one yet?

    I investigated the Compu Carve a year ago and was within inches of buying one. Boy am I glad I didn't. Thousands were sent back to the manufacturer because of defects, reconed and resold. One of the major woodworking mags had a review last year. The reviewer was familiar with machines of this type and had to take his apart a number of times before he got it to perform properly. Each teardown required replacement of new parts. As I recall he gave Compu Carve's tech support excellent reviews and the parts were delivered in a timely manner. After the thing was running properly it worked as advertised.

    The video does not indicate how long it takes to perform some of the tasks. Apparently you program the thing put the wood in and go to bed. First thing next morning your project is completed. It is not uncommon for a process to take a number of hours to complete.

    My sights are now set on an Epilog Mini Laser or a used larger laser. Lots more bucks but at least I will have something when I am done paying for the thing.



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      Re: Craftsman CompuCarve ...You got one yet?

      I checked these out a year or so ago, as Tom said a lot of them were returned. They were blowing these out at $500.00 around here and it seemed like they had an endless supply. I read 20 or so reviews that were very poor. Therefore I stayed away from this one and am looking at other. My life is already too complicated.



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        Re: Craftsman CompuCarve ...You got one yet?

        I too almost bought it about 7 months ago. It was just to new, to technical to be boughten without a decent review on it, so I passed. Equipment like that needs to be out there longer for me to go for it. I must admit though, its got some great features built in....
        Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

        A good climbing rope will last you 3 to 5 years, a bad climbing rope will last you a life time !!!


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          Re: Craftsman CompuCarve ...You got one yet?

          I've had one since Jan. and am very happy with it. It is a CNC and therefore is more complex than a TS or BS, and requires more cleaning and attention.
          IMO, most of the reported issues have been due to using cupped/warped boards, lack of cleaning and starting a project, leaving the machine running and going to bed and of course not reading and understanding the manual.
          Some amazing projects can be made with the CC/CS, and actual owners comments can be found here
          Poplar Branch Wood Crafts


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            Re: Craftsman CompuCarve ...You got one yet?

            My part time job is running a large CNC router for a woodworking shop. The router I run (Gerber 408) cost over $50K and what it can do is amazing. From what I've seen/heard the CompuCarve does a great job for what it is. Reading the manual, proper setup and using good quality materials is necessary regardless of how much you pay for a tool.

            My best friend works at Sears and has sold several of them. None have been returned and a couple of the people that have bought them told him they are great. The owner of the business I work for is considering buying one for some of our smaller jobs.


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              Re: Craftsman CompuCarve ...You got one yet?

              Got my machine in Nov. 2007 was down one time for a few days due to power supply. The biggest downtime it has had was me down for two months due to arm surgery. Poor little compucarve got so lonely. I too agree that most problems with the machine are user era and the users refuse to admit they didnt ddo it right so they load it up and take it back to sears their loss.