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Recycle Bin Project with Pics

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  • Recycle Bin Project with Pics

    Here is what it looked like before

    While I was cutting the railing out I noticed I was in a huge space that was wasted. Now I have a roll out cart for that 36" wide by 14"tall by 5' deep space.

    And here is the modified bin rack

    Everything is made from 3/4 plywood D3 paint-grade Maple but I thought the veneer looked good so I used my HVLP conversion gun and sprayed it with water-base Flecto Varathane Satin Outdoor

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    Beautiful job! How do you evacuate the air from those plastic containers?

    It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.


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      Jerry, in the dead of winter if you take a bottle of winshield washer antifreeze from my warm garage empty it into the car and close the lid tightly the cold outside air will collapse the container almost as well as stepping on them!


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        Hey WBrooks.

        Isnt it sad that living in Durham Region you have to have 4 recycling boxes. Wouldnt it be a little easier if we convinced the region to pick up recycling everyweek? I have a very similar recycling station and it also stores 4 oversized recycling boxes but by the end of the 2 week period they are overflowing.

        I always have way more recycling then i do actual garbage and some weeks I dont even put out a bag.

        Unfortunately some of my neighbours have 4-6 bags (even though we have a limit of 4 bags) every week and then very little or no recycling.....

        Anyways, now that ive vented a little, great work on the recycling center



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          scboyd, I hear ya. tonight is garbage night and I will have 3 nearly full recycle bins and 1 nearly full compostable green bin (glad they pic that up every week!!) and maybe 1/2 bag of dry garbage. However when I take the dogs for a walk tonight I will find that we are a small minority. 90% of my neighbours have 2+ bags of garbage and maybe 1 recycle box. Some still don't even use the green compostables bin or blue recycle bins (there should be a law). The only way it will change is to take your suggestion 1 step further, recycle pickup every week, dry garbage every 2 weeks.

          climbing off soap box


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            Well since the soap box is vacant allow ME,

            I've got a simmilar set up right inside the garage doorway where four bins live. Actually built the entire shelf assembly from "scrap" I recycled from the trash pile at a house that was built nearby.

            Every second Tuesday I haul those bins out to the curb & notice that not another single resident on my circle has any bins out. I don't get it, it just seems to make sense to me to recycle as much as possible. I live in an area where there isn't an included sanitation service so residents are required to contract for their own removal. So for $25 a month you can buy two pick ups a week plus get that snazzy monster-sized green trash bucket to beautify your residence. Me...I RECYCLE everything I can, compost as much as possible, and put whats left into two 32 gallon trash cans that I take to the dump every two weeks for a cost of $0.55 per can!!!

            They can't recycle & they can't do MATH Either... WHAT??? Oh yeah its a woodworking site...
            So I ripped the 2x4's I scaveged in half, cut rabbets into the edge & nailed them into frames. Planed the OSB sheathing scrap into a wild looking panel and dropped it into the frame. Made three frames and two front legs, back edge of frames screwed into wall..badda-bing no more pile!



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              Very good use of space! I like that idea.
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                Very nice job, I like the fact that you've got everything so orderly and right next to the door. That way the nobody has to carry the containers very far.

                Here in my area the village started a really nice recyle program a couple of years ago. They even handed out 5 gallon buckets to all the citizens. They even went through all the trouble of drilling a hole into the bottom of each bucket so you couldn't use the bucket to wash your car!

                It was quite successful and almost everyone participated, but the village decided it wasn't worth their efforts, so they sent a notice telling everyone it was up to us to contract with our garbage pick-up company. They NOW tell us that the first pickup of the month is for recyclables... funny though, because it is still the single garbage truck that stops buy and everything that we have separated into individual containers gets dumped into the back of the truck. Makes one wonder sometimes if we as individuals place more importance on the subject than either the local government or the refuse businesses.



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                  CWS sounds like some city officail got a lump in his pocket for the sakes of you folks.I would think pay back time would be a town meeting and let it be knowen the next election!!!

                  Bob B.
                  Be safe out there folks
                  Bob B