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Woodmaster®, anyone own one?

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  • Woodmaster®, anyone own one?

    Anyone here ever used or own a Woodmaster planer/molder/sander/gang saw?

    If not take a look at and let me know what you think.

    I am still deciding on a planer, and though the Woodmaster is considerably more dollars it adds the capabilities molding, gang sawing/power-fed ripping, and power-fed sanding from 12 to 25" widths depending on which model you get. Feed speeds range from 0-16 FPM for the 12 & 18" models, the 25" from 0-23 FPM. Planing cut rate can be varied from 0-1000 CPI.

    The #712 (12" model sells for $1395 and the 25" for $2398 (yikes!) The in-betweener #718 (18") seems like the best buy at $1595. Of course by the time you add the various attachments you are back over $2K.

    Made in USA (always a plus on my requirements list) with 5 yr warranty.

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    I actually ordered one of these units, but when they backordered it for two months, I started thinking about the use I would give it for the long term. I ended up cancelling my order and buying a 2424TS and a TP1300. I thought that the gang ripping would have been neat, and the moulding options are endless, but the end result is I bought premade moulding. After all is said and done, I have over $600. in my pocket yet to buy moulding as I need it.
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