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Any opinions on the Incra 1000se miter

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  • Any opinions on the Incra 1000se miter

    I want to replace the miter on my 3612 without spending much. The 1000se looks good for about $150.
    Any opinions would be appreciated. Also does anybody know where it can be bought in the Los Angeles area?

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    I just got the Incra 1000SE from Woodpecker about a month ago... So far I like it very much... It is most certainly a very precision gauge for the money...

    Here is a link to the 1000SE on my saw:

    Here also is an e-mail that I got from Woodpeckers if you are interested... You can get it for $117.95 until July 11th if you hurry:

    "From now until midnight on July 11th, save on any Incra Miter Product. Special Holiday Prices!:"

    Incra V27 $54.95 $47.95 on sale!
    Incra Miter 1000 $84.95 $77.95 on sale!
    Incra Miter 1000SE $122.95 $117.95 on sale!
    Incra Miter 2000 $159.00 $129.95 on sale!
    Incra Miter 2000 (Shopsmith) $159.00 $129.95 on sale!
    Incra Miter 3000 $199.00 $179.95 on sale!
    Incra Miter 3000SE $229.95 $199.95 on sale!
    Incra Miter 5000 (sled) $279.00 $259.00 on sale!

    Visit us soon to take advantage of these great prices!

    Woodpeckers Inc.
    Regards,<br /><br />Big Johnson<br /><br />Pictures: <a href=\" gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php\" target=\"_blank\"> gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php</a>


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      forgive me as i need to find a link for you but i asked my old supplier of blades and such about the incra products. he spoke highly of them but said that he would recommend and prefer a "dubby table" again i must find the link for this for you. i have not bought either as of yet as this has not been a priority for me. hope this helps


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        At $117 for the 1000SE must be one of the real bargains to be had in WW'ing, specially when compared to the other offerings. You can always start with the Incra, and then when the time comes mount it on a sled, just like the Dubby or Incra 5000. The sled/sliding table does make for easier handling of both large and small pieces IMHO.



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          If you have the dubby do you need anything else? Does it offer the same mitre function as an Incra?
          The website for a dubby
          is not clear whether a dubby is an addtion to a mitre or a substitute.


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            Personally, while I've never owned a sled, I think the sled and the standard miter gauge each have their advantages. I have the standard 1000 and found it excellent. The main differences between it and the SE are the flip stop and extension. Also think Cutbuff has the right idea about the sled----some of the sleds I saw at a recent show were pretty pricey.


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              I noticed in all of the pics that you are running your miter gauge to in the left miter bar. Is the 1000SE designed to work on both sides?

              The reason I ask is because I was cutting some lengthy casing and thought I saw where it could be set up in either miter slot and I wanted to take advantage of the 36" side of the 3612. It worked out pretty good except I'm not certain how to readjust the tape so I used a tape measure(and probably contrary to the function of the 1000SE). I didn't see anything in the instructions (I swear I looked at them )

              At any rate, Raphael, I got mine from Woodpecker's at $122 (final shipped cost) and like many others, don't pull out my CMS nearly as much. I think if I can get that tape thing fixed, I'll really be in business. Either way, it's one of the better WWin' investments I am glad I made.
              Patrick<br /><br />


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                i was under the impression the dubby did it all. thats the way the guy that recommended it to me explained it. i could be wrong...never researched it personally, but he claimed it worked the same as a sled and a miter gague


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                  I think that it is assumed that you'll work the 1000SE in the left miter slot. Hence the tape runs right to left. If you do transfer the gauge to the right slot, you'll need to buy a left to right tape from Incra/Woodpeckers for $2.95.

                  The Dubby is a miter sled, rather than just a cross cut sled. However, for real accuracy I believe than an indexing method is the ideal repeatable solution for any system. The Incra gives you indexing. Add an Incra gauge to a sled for precise miters, the Dubby is just a board that has a fence that can be adjusted for angles, I don't believe that it's indexed. Someone correct me on this point.

                  Stick an indexed miter gauge with an adjustable miter bar onto a piece of multiply, and you've got a precise and repeatable sliding table/cross cut/miter sled. You've got it all!!


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                    Making that High Chair for my son, I realized I needed to make continuously accruate 7 degree angle cuts, as well as 7 degree blade angle dado's. With the stock Ridgid miter gauge, it wasn't the easiest thing I've done. I've longed for a better miter gauge, highly looking at the 1000SE for quite some time, without funds.

                    As Big Johnson's Email lists above the sale ended the 11th. The site still has the sale prices listed. I phoned my CC holder and asked for a raise in limit. Didn't get what I wanted, but enough to get a few things I need for the High Chair and upcoming projects.

                    If anyone is looking for a reliable, dependable 1000% upgrade to the stock miter gauge, I wouldn't percrastinate too much longer! Order Today!

                    BTW, on vacation this week. Had a shot of steroids in the right elbow, and basically one armed for a few days.
                    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>