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Cleaning TS3650 top

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  • Cleaning TS3650 top

    I had a severe house fire a few months ago. I had to store the tools that were undamaged in a rental storage unit. The cast iron table has become very discolored, but not rusted. I tried Empire's TopSaver system and did not get very good results. Can I use a ROS and progressively finer grits of paper to "renew" the shiny, slick top? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Cleaning TS3650 top

    WD40, Scotchbrite Pad, and a ROS will often do a very nice job of bringing back the luster to cast iron. A word of warning though, be very conservative with the WD40. You don't want to saturate the Scotchbrite Pad. The WD40 could wreck the pad on your ROS if it soaks through the Scothcbrite Pad.
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