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Lifetime warranty v. discount on table saws

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  • Lifetime warranty v. discount on table saws

    I've been researching table saws for the last couple of months. I have also recently purchased Ridgid's 4 pc cordless tool package & am initially pleased with the tools & the promise of a lifetime warranty on the tools & batteries.

    However, I am mixed on the value of the "lifetime" warranty on the table saws v. waiting for a reasonable discount of "potentially" 10% to 20% to show-up in the next few months. I don't immediately need the table saw. But, it is a highly desired item for my work. The Jan. 31st deadline is approaching & I haven't been able to determine if the deadline will be extended again.

    Also, I am between the 2400 & the 3650. I could periodically use a portable unit & that is the reason behind the 2400 consideration. However, I am also concerned that the 2400 will not provide the accuracy & flexability that a heavier & more expanded machine will provide. I expect to have & use this machine for a long time & make it the base of expanding my work shop.

    I've really been impressed with the postings & insights delivered by this forum. Any feedback on the trade-offs of price V. warranty as well as a comparison between the uses, value and qualities of the 2400 V. 3650 would be greatly appreciated.


    John G.

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    I think you have a pretty good handle on the 2400/3650 differences. Maybe someone else can help you with that part of your question.
    A lot of us (including me) bought the 3650 before the 20% off sale and then were able to get the 20% off anyway, just by going back to HD and asking for it (as long as it was within the Ridgid 90 day return policy). So if you have decided on a Ridgid, go for it. If you buy now you get the lifetime warranty and if it goes on sale within 90 days (I've heard the rumors too, but that's all they are - rumors) you can probably get the discount too. [img]smile.gif[/img]
    I just noticed this is your first post, so I am editing my response to say WELCOME [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

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      I was able to test out that thoery before. I bought a Ridgid Drill back in November. Then when the 20% sale came in December I brought my slip back in and they refunded me the 20%. However, I thought they only did price guarantees for 30 days not 90 days. I may go back for a planner if they do...


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        Risk / Return < literally >

        What you are saying about the return / discount thing is true. Should be able to get discount if they go on sale. But would probably would lose the lifetime warranty unless it's also extended. B/c in essence you'd be changing your purchase date. Not sure how they would handle this one. But whatever it is, I'm sure you'd have to jump through hoops to get desired outcome b/c Home Depots policies like this tend to vary from store to store.



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          Good point about changing the date of purchase. I didn't think of that. I knew my idea seemed too easy.
          So John G.,
          We are back to square one. If you wait for a possible sale you will still get a 3 yr warranty instead of a lifetime warranty. 3 yrs is still pretty good.
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            Just my opinion, I have a 2400 and have loved it dearly for the past 1 1/2 years. It is portable when needed and the accuracy is without question.
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              Thanks for your responses. I have also read some other recent postings on the 3650 & they have helped evaluate the saw purchase. I have a few days remaining before the end of the month. I might have some discussion with the folks at HD to determine if they are aware of any upcoming discount & their receptiveness to a rebate & timing issues.

              John G.


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                I sat down and went through my new Shop Fox book that I picked up before Xmas at the ww show. I noticed they have 2 models of contractor saws now available. One is 1.5hp with stamped wings, other is a 2hp with solid wings, and magnetic starter fouind mostly on larger machines. I am currious to the price of this saw.

                The book is listing quite a few new machines and tools. I suspect with a 2 year warranty, and all the new products, they will be coming on strong.

                I've seen some of their machines up close for a touch/feely good look. And it's impressive for the price. Just another avenue to look at.
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                  Good luck with that. My guess is that the sheeple won't have a clue.