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  • Jake! HELP!

    I have been trying to find a local Home Depot that actually has a TS3612 on display. I know this has been a problem from reading other posts. I have even called ahead to two separate HD stores & asked if they had a TS3612. Both times, I specifically asked them to make sure it was NOT a TS2424 w/a price tag for the TS3612. Both times, I was told the floor model was the TS3612. Today, a store even told me that had both TS2424 & TS3612 setup. However, I just visited that store & there is only a TS2424 w/a TS3612 price tag.

    This may not be your area of work, but is there a way for me to find out definitively that a local store has a TS3612 actually setup? Is there a local Ridgid rep that you can put me in touch with? I have pretty much decided to purchase the saw, but would really like to view the actual product before spending my $600.

    If anyone locally knows of a HD that has a TS3612 setup, please post which store location. FYI, I have been to McKinney, Allen, E Plano, N Richardson with no luck so far. Thanks.


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    Drop me an email with you address and phone number and I will see what I can do.



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      I bought a 3612 This week from the HD in Greenville. they had one set up and had about 6 in the racks.


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        Home Depot used the same inventory number for the 2424 and the 3612, so they can't keep them straight themselves.

        When the North Austin, Texas store finally set up the 3612, they apparently couldn't believe the rails should stick out that far, so set the 3612 up as if it were a 2424. Could be that is what you saw?

        I've shown my 3612 to one prospective buyer, and would be glad to do it again (do you want to drive to Austin?).

        Maybe we could add a section to this forum for people who want to see a machine setup and usable (not just a display model, poorly assembled, with the blade removed). I would often be glad to respond to someone looking for a brief demo, and I expect others would be willing also.


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          The Mesquite Texas store has the new 3612 set up. There actually two stores. One is across the freeway from Town East mall and the other is on the back side of Town East Mall. Both stores have the saw setup with no missing parts. The trip is worth it If you want a good look at the saw. I hope this helps.


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            Thanks to everyone who replied. I couldn't wait any longer, so I just went and bought a TS3612 sight unseen. Took awhile to setup, but it was worth it.