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Router table - Fence to Bit - distance setting

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  • Router table - Fence to Bit - distance setting

    Good day

    On the last post, I modified the caliper...on this post I would like to show you how I'm using it to set very accurately the "fence - bit" distance

    I'm using a "reference plate" that shows me exactly where "the bit will hit"...and the caliper is doing the rest...

    Obviously, I have to use a different plate for every bit diameter but as you will see, I made one plate to "cover" three different bit diameters.
    Of course, you can make one plate per bit, as I did for some special tasks.

    The bad news is that you shall have to chuck every bit to make the plates but, the good news is's only ones and than, the fence setting becomes a "piece of cake"...

    You can measure the distance with the same set-up using ruler but I prefer the caliper even though it requires some calculation.

    The calculation is very simple...lets say that I want to meke a slot of 3/8" (with 3/8" bit) that will start 5/8" trom the fence.
    I just add the desired distance from the fence (5/8") and the bit diameter (3/8") =1".
    I set the fence so the caliper shows 1" and go...If I want to enlarge the slot to 3/4", I just add another 3/8" after the first pass...the caliper should show 1-3/8", and go again...


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    Re: Router table - Fence to Bit - distance setting