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Tenon jig for TS2424

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  • Tenon jig for TS2424

    I'm considering buying a JET tenoning jig to use with my TS2424. I noticed the JET jig has a removable T-slot piece so this shouldn't be a problem. On one of the other WW forums, woodonline I think, they had a discussion about Ridgid miter slots being undersized and not compatible with lots of after market miter gauges and tenoning jigs. Is there any validity to this? Thanks in advance.

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    The miter slots on the RIDGID tables saws are slightly undersized compared to Delta, but almost all aftermarket guages (such as Incra) have adjustable bars so this is not a problem. The only problem I have run into (in talking to customers) is fitting the Delta Tenoning jig onto our saw. Even then its easy enough to have the bar milled down, or file off a couple thousandths.



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      Long, straight piece of wood with 220 silicon carbide sandpaper stuck to it. Couple licks, test fit, repeat until you have a beautiful fit.

      The difference in size is much less than many on the forums make it seem. The difference is that Ridgid's slot is 3/4", other companies use a 3/4" bar instead. So it is just the clearance amount you need to fit in.



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        I bought a Powermatic jig and just had to pop the bar off the bottom and give it a few passes on the Ridgid OSBS and took off a few .001. Works like a charm. The Incra 1000 has an adjustable bar which is really cool.


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          I fitted a Delta tenon jig on my TS2424. Only needed one pass of the bar on a disc sander
          with 220 grit and it was a perfect fit! Since the Delta jig is fully adjustable, it was easy to align to the blade.

          The Ridgid slot being undersized proved in this case to be an advantage; it allowed me to size-down the sliding bars of several non-Ridgid jigs to a perfect fit with very
          small tolerance ... gives greater confidence in the alignments!

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            Thanks for the information. The miter slot size doesn't appear to be a real issue. Actually, as has been noted, sizing the bar guides down a few thousandths should ensure a better, more accurate fit.


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              I can remember having to switch the Delta jig for the left versus right tilt of the blade. No big deal, but I think I made a couple of new holes for attaching the guide in order to get a bit more capacity for wider tennons. I am learning fast and that was a long time ago, so I may have overdone it, but it works great now.