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Turning off THANK YOU

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  • Turning off THANK YOU

    I'm sure I'm putting this in the wrong place but can anyone help me? For some reason known only to the Great Computer Kahuna every time aI read a post in this Forum I put a "thanks" in the post at its end. For the life of me I can't find the switch to turn it off. I've e-mailed Josh with my conundrum but so far no response.
    I'm sure you guys are getting as tired of seeing this as I am of hearing it, but short of not reading the pearls of wisdom that are in here I am stumped. Apparently there is something that my screen reader (converts text to speech) is not seeing.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Blind Bill

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    Re: Turning off THANK YOU

    Bill, I dont think I ever got your message. Sorry about that.

    On your thanks problem I am not sure what your talking about? Is the issue just that when your text reader reads back it always reads thanks? It may be the thanks button that is at the bottom of ever post. Nobody is typing in thanks its just one of the interactive buttons.

    Am I misunderstanding?



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      Re: Turning off THANK YOU

      Its the new Thanks between posts, when someone clicks on it. So his talking computer is telling him this at every thanks. He wants them all off, because he probably cannot see the thanks at the lower right corner to do anything. Thats my interpretation anyhow.
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        Re: Turning off THANK YOU


        Here's the message I've been sending:
        The Following User Says Thank You to blind bill For This Useful Post:
        I think this must be tied some way to the Thanks link referred to by G. but some way I've turned it on and send it every time I read a post.
        Ain't it the pits?


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          Re: Turning off THANK YOU

          I'm cured! I'm not sure why but the "thank you" message I was laying on every post has gone away. I'm sure it relates to the Thanks icon that appears at the end of each post. My screen reader doesn't do well with graphics and apparently whoever modified the Forum to include it forgot to tag the changes so it wasn't apparent to me. It's a nice touch, but like door locks on a car if you don't know where the release is you're S.O.L.
          Thank you all for your tolerance and advice.