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Blades in canada for jointer and planer

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  • Blades in canada for jointer and planer

    ok guys and girls.
    I went to the local borg (HD) here in Quebec city ,on sunday after having lunch with mom (mothers day).
    I wanted to get spare blades for my Ridgid jointer JP06101, which by the way has been discontinued up here in canada for a year now , and a set of blades for the Ridgid planer 4330.
    I asked the sales person he said he would have to order them in. since I didnt want to wait around while he got the prices and such and because I had to give my credit card number upfront. I gave him my phone number.
    Monday morning he called bright and early, the blades for the planer are $25.50 each, and the jointer $12.15 each.

    he will call me when they come in.

    they only had blades for the older model planer.

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    Re: Blades in canada for jointer and planer

    Don't know about the planner but you can order Freud C400 jointer blades to fit the Ridid Jointer from Amazon for $19.97 a set of 3.