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    ok is what I have decided to buy for my shop....JP0610 Planer, BS1400 Bandsaw, MS1060 Miter Saw, TS2424 Table Saw, DP1500 Drill Press and WL1200 Wood Lathe...can someone tell me what accessories I should buy for each tool?....what accessories are necessary for me to be satisfied with each tool and what accessories can I do without?..I would like to buy everything at once.....thanks for any input anyone can give me....

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    Aside from being jealous as hell about your ability to buy it all at once , here are my thoughts:
    table saw - good dado blade (I bought Freud), good miter (Accu Miter with hold down is working great for me)
    Lathe - super Nova chuck and a good set of tools (Sorby)
    Drill Press - mortising jig (Delta)


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      I agree with Jerry...I don't have the lathe or jointer either, so I am jealous. I also agree with his suggestions.

      You might want to consider a dust collection system? It isn't technically an accessory, but comes in handy. Of course, a good vac (Ridgid perhaps) is better than nothing.

      Have fun.
      - Jamie


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        actually I have thought about the rigid dust collection system and have it on my list.......plan on hooking it up to all the tools that will take it....actually, I wish because of the circumstances that allowed me to buy it all at once had not happened, but I have found a deep desire to work with wood.the smells when sawing, etc are much more pleasant than the smells at the prison I was employed first "big" project with nothing but a scroll saw, hand saw, and some hand tools was a cradle I built for my first grandchild who was born on thanksgiving day... and when she slept in that cradle on Christmas day I was very proud of both of I said I am learning woodworking at a later age than most of you guys I am sure so please bear with me if I ask a lot of questions....trying to teach myself by reading and doing but you folks with so much experience have already helped me a lot.....thanks....murray


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          I have a TS2424 also. I just bought a Forrest woodworker II 10" 40T thin kerf.
          You would not believe the difference. No saw marks what so ever. Heck you don't even need a jointer with this blade.

          congratulations on your decisions!!!

          [ 03-11-2002: Message edited by: jb ]


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            Hold off on the DP1500 the new 1550 is suppose to be out at the end off the month last I heard. I've been holding off since the end of last year but must make a choice soon because projects are on hold at different stages..


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              I have the TS2424. I have the standard mitre gauge that came with it, however I would recommend that mitre hold down accessory. I don't know the number but it is easy to find on the Ridgid web page. I would also recommend the dust collector chute for the TS2424. Hooks right to your vacuum and helps keep things clean. Push sticks and featherboards are a must also...whether you make them or buy them. One last accessory I found that you can use with any of these power tools (other than your safety glasses, of course) is a dust mask. Highland Hardware has one called the Dustfoe. I like it because it doesn't fog up my glasses when I exhale, which is what happens when I use the less expensive dustmasks. The dustfoe is a good deal at around 30 bucks.


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                thanks for the responses everyone.....I am excited about getting everything together and actually doing some woodworking....its amazing I guess how the performance of one tool can turn you on to a manufacturer.......I bought the scroll saw first and loved its performance so much I am happy to announce that I am now a "RIDGID" going to order a hat and shirt now....but seriously...I can say good things about ridgid projects that I have read and all you folks with many more years working with tools have convinced that I am making the right choices