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R4330 vs TP1300

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  • R4330 vs TP1300

    After much consideration I finally bought my planer last night. I was set on Ridgid, just could not find alot of head to head comparisons between the old and the new. First of all the reputation of the TP1300 is fantastic and I actually tried to buy it first but they would only take of $30, so I bought the r4330.
    Took it out of the box mounted the height adjustment wheel. Fist thing I did was the loosen and re-tightened the knife mounting screws because I read alot of threads about over-torqued or loose screws from the factory. I had some of both. Screwed of dust collector and connected to dust collector. I then cleaned and waxed the bed. Ran some test pieces of red oak. No snipe on the feed, just a little snipe on the outfeed so I adjusted the outfeed table and I must say I am VERY impressed. Planed everything from CCA to oak to mahogany. Planed down to 3/16 very smooth.

    The selling points of the TP1300 to me;
    1. an extra set of blades ($30 value)
    2. rock solid reputation

    and the R4330;
    1. Three knives means less wear per BF per knife, aka smoother finish.
    2. Fan assisted dust collection.
    3. No cutterhead lock


    I consider making shop tables, stands and jigs a right of passage, so the stand was not a selling point to me. I use my planer in my shop only and it will never go on site, so the improved handle is not very important to me as well.

    I was blown away at how much sawdust I made planing nothing wider the 5 inches. I have a 2 stage 5 HP DC system and I honestly don't know how much I would use this tool if I only had a shop vac or nothing at all. It seems to me you would spend more time cleaning than wood working.

    And finally, If you are spending less than 5 bills on a planer don't expect the world. The first planer I used was a old old dewalt cast iron beast that weighed 1000 pounds and took up a building, benchtop thickness planers are toys in comparison. Whichever one you buy, beit yellow or blue or orange, take the time to; a) level the beds. b) WAX the beds, and c) clean your rollers. If you do I think you be very happy with the results.

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    Re: R4330 vs TP1300

    Excellent first post. Welcome.

    I've learned a lot from my past experiences.
    I've learned nothing from my passed experiences.


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      Re: R4330 vs TP1300


      If a dust collector is not used, will the chips clog the machine? I want to know if I can get by without one.