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  • Paint Pealing on MDF

    I built a built-in desk & book shelves for my wife's little office. She wanted it all painted white so I used 3/4" MDF. We primed & painted (2x). There spots were things (like a lamp) put on it pull off the paint when lifted off the surface.

    What would cuase there a special MDF paint you're suppose to use?


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    Re: Paint Pealing on MDF

    What kind of paint did you use water based or oil based?


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      Re: Paint Pealing on MDF

      Did you scuff-sand the MDF face surfaces prior to priming?

      I've found that the factory surface of MDF is often times a bit too slick for the primer to form a good bond. If you removed the lamp and you're looking at bare MDF (versus looking at primer), then the primer didn't bond and your problem lies there.

      If you are looking at primer where the lamp was, then the paint didn't bond and you might have inconsistent forumlas or painted too soon. I.e latex paint over an oil based primer that wasn't *fully* cured.


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        Re: Paint Pealing on MDF

        It could be a few things, including the paint that you used. But most likely, the surface of the MDF could have been damp or greasy.

        I don't particularly care for MDF, but on the couple of occasions that I've used it, I wipe the surface down with mineral spirits to remove any contamination that may be there.

        I've used Behr paint and I really like it, but I notice that the stuff takes some time to "cure". While it may well be dry, the painted seems rather vulnerable for the first several days, scratching or abrading easily. But once it hardens, the surface is pretty durable.



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          Re: Paint Pealing on MDF

          If the paint stuck to the bottom of the lamp, it probably had not fully cured. If it was humid, or is when you repaint, allow double the recommended drying time.

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            Re: Paint Pealing on MDF

            I find the MDF I use needs to be wiped down with spirits before painting. At worst mdf seems to have a thin greasy film on it, at best it is bit dust covered, neither case is good for painting.