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food surfaces / Boeshield t9 toxicity

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  • food surfaces / Boeshield t9 toxicity

    I just treated my 3660 table with T9, but read on the can that it can be fatal if ingested. I'm waiting on them to email me an MSDS. Will update when received.

    I plan on using the saw to make pieces that come in contact with food surfaces...has anyone else dealt with this?

    If I'm reading it correctly (don't take my word for it), Johnson's paste wax MSDS says it's practically non-toxic. I might use lacquer thinner to remove the T9, and reapply some Johnson's.

    I know I'm probably being a nut, but I was just wondering what everybody else's take on this is?

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    Re: food surfaces / Boeshield t9 toxicity

    Take no offense but I agree you're being a nut. The warning on the can most likely has to do with ingesting T9 in its liquid state. It's probably harmless when cured but the MSDS may shed more light on that assumption. I don't ever recall seeing any stories about someone croaking because they used a cutting board that was made using a saw that was treated with T9. Think lawyer speak when trying to translate label warnings.

    The above statements are just guesses and assumptions on Badger Dave's part and in no way reflect actual facts. That is, unless he's correct. If his statements do indeed reflect the truth than he proudly thumps his chest and proclaims to be an expert. If on the hand his statement in no way reflect anything close to the actual facts than..................never mind!
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      Re: food surfaces / Boeshield t9 toxicity

      Most coatings are made of 2 parts, the coating that will stay on whatever you apply it and a solvent that will go away after curing. Most solvents are made of petroleum distillates and this is the part most of the times that is poisonous. When it cures and the solvent goes away ,it should only leave the coating. However your best bet is to go directly to the MSDS and see if the coating itself have any dangerous poison.Many MSDS can be downloaded online so check if it is available.


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        Re: food surfaces / Boeshield t9 toxicity

        I received the msds in an email today. I have to say that boeshield was extremely quick in responding to my msds request. Most msds's aren't very clear to the lay-person (me), and this was no exception.

        So, I phoned the company. The two people I spoke to on the phone were extremely nice, professional, and knowledgeable. Coming off the phone, I feel they are a very trustworthy company, and deserve a high recommendation.

        That being said, they suggested that it would probably be safe to use in making food-contact surfaces, but be sure to wash the wood with soap and water after you're done sawing on it.


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          Re: food surfaces / Boeshield t9 toxicity

          Thanks, Bear! This question had me a little worried as I've made a couple things that are food-worthy...and I'm a huge believer in Boeshield! I appreciate that 1) you brought it up and 2) you found the answer and posted for us.
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